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The Rainbow Fish PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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The Rainbow Fish Review:

The children literature is one of the interesting genre and having a good book can actually be very helpful for your children as well. So if you are looking for one very good book having a lot of the interesting and the amazing things then you are in the right place. As the book we are talking about is not only going to give you what you are looking for but it is going to give you much more as well. As the name of the book is telling that it is going to be all about a fish. This fish is having shiny foil scales and is one of the most important fish as well. The story of the book is telling us about the fish and the friends in the sea. As the fish is having some problems and no one was helping him, but his only friend starfish helped him and said that he should go to the octopus and ask for some help or the advice.

After finding the octopus, he talks about the problem to the octopus and the octopus tells him that he should share the beauty he is having with his other friends as well. Which means the rainbow fish mush share the rainbow colors and the glitter with the others in order to make them look beautiful as well.

The Rainbow Fish PDF

About Marcus Pfister:

The Author of the book is a Swiss author. Marcus Pfister is known for the books he has written and specially his work related to the children as well. He is having a lot of the awards due to his interesting and the amazing work.

Features of The Rainbow Fish:

  • German is the original language of the book. The book was translated in a lot of the languages and it is read across the globe.
  • Switzerland is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication place of the book is 1992.

Download The Rainbow Fish PDF:

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