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The Secret Garden Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The story of Marry Lennox has inspired so many people throughout the generations. This character first appeared in Frances Burnett’s children’s novel The Secret Garden. Considered among the classics of English literature, The Secret Garden first got published in book form in 1911. Before the booking form, it was released in episodes. A free The Secret Garden Pdf is available at the end of this review.

The Secret Garden Review:

Frances Burnett brought an intriguing and heartfelt tale that so many children could relate to. Mary Lennox was born in British India and was always a neglected child. Her parents didn’t care much for her and were left at the mercy of servants. However, the book takes a major turn when her parents die of Cholera. Her servants flee after finding this opportunity and Mary is left alone.

After being left by her servants, a few British soldiers find Mary. Finding out that she is an orphan, they hand her over to a local clergyman. However, when she joins the other children there, they start taunting her. Fate soon roles the dice in Mary’s favor and she leaves India with her Uncle and travels to England. But despite this big change, Mary doesn’t feel happy and becomes ruder than ever.

There is more to the story of Marry Lennox, making The Secret Garden one of the bestselling children’s novels ever. You would want to enjoy the story so don’t forget to download The Secret Garden Pdf at the end of this review. There are also many films and play adaptations of the book.

The Secret Garden Pdf

About the Author Frances Hodgson Burnett:

Frances Hodgson Burnett was a British playwright and novelist. Her most famous and notable work includes three children’s novels. Those novels are The Secret Garden, Little Princess, and Little Lord Fauntleroy.

The Secret Garden Pdf Features:

  • The Secret Garden Pdf has been taken from the original edition.
  • This novel brings us the story of Mary Lennox and her magical discovery.
  • It is one of the bestselling and beloved children’s novels of the 20th

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