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The Silence of the Girls Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

If you stay connected to the literary circles or just like to read the great ancient English and Greek literary works then you must have heard of Lliad which is an ancient Greek epic poem. Well, the Silence of the Girls is a novel by English author Pat Barker who tells the story of lliad from Briseis’ point of view. Looking forward to reading it? Get the free The Silence of the Girls Pdf copy from our site.

The Silence of the Girls Review:

Greeks also have a long-running history of wars as it was the norm in ancient times to wage war on other territories and capture them to expand your kingdom. Well, in the Silence of the Girls, we get to know the story of Achilles’ attack on the Lyrnessus which he ends up capturing, and there is looting and burning all around as it usually happens in the aftermath of a war.

Based on the same norms, the women captured from the defeated party would go as slaves to the conqueror and this is when the story of Briseis kicks in when she is given to Achilles. Briseis is a royal woman and according to lliad, the most beautiful woman that the world has ever seen.

After the lliad part of the story, the rest of it is told from Briseis’ perspective where she observes and tells us more about Achilles. Most of the reviews that the Silence of the Girls received were positive where the reviewers hailed it as one of the best novels of the 21st century.

About the Author Pat Barket:

Pat Barket is an English novelist and short-story writer who has won numerous awards for her fiction work from the literary circles. The themes such as survival, tragedy, and trauma are her specialties which you can see pretty evident in her books.

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