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The Silence of the Lambs Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

As the crime rate in the world is increasing, the writers got more stuff for their writing. Most writers are focusing on the stories of murder and serial killing in their publications. Most of the events written in the books are reality-based. But the writer uses fictional characters instead of revealing the actual ones. To read the complete novel, you can download The Silence of the Lambs Pdf.

Thomas Harris has done the same job in writing his book about fictional criminology. The book belongs to the genres of suspense, thrill, terror, and clash. It is a story of an FBI trainee and a serial assassin.

The Silence of the Lambs Pdf Review:

There is always a clash between the good and the bad in life. Hence the protagonist of this tale is also facing tough challenges in his life.

According to the author of this book, the main character of this story is going through a time that converts it into evil.

The writer plotted the central idea in the story that there is always a battle in the head of a person between the right and the wrong one.

The main character is a young boy who is undertraining for the FBI. He is extraordinarily brilliant but his mindset pushed him to the dark side.

There is horror in the story is chasing the deadly serial killer. We are leaving the story here. To determine the conclusion, we ask you to read the book on your own. The book has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

The Silence of the Lambs Pdf

About the Author Thomas Harris:

Thomas Harris was born in America, and he is one of the best suspense novel writers. The reason behind its fame is the series of Hannibal Lecter. His novel The Silence of the Lambs turned into a film and claimed the Oscar award. Thomas graduated from a university in Texas in English. He also worked as a news reporter.

Features of the Silence of the Lambs Pdf:

  • This novel is the 2nd part of the Hannibal Carter series.
  • This book has 410 black and white pages, and it was first published in 1988 by Arrow Books.
  • The novel wins many literary awards.

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