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The Underground Railroad Pdf
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The Underground Railroad is an American critically acclaimed novel written by Colson Whitehead. This is Whitehead’s sixth novel that discusses the theme of slavery by narrating the story of two slaves Caesar and Cora. Having a heartful story and great depiction of the underground rail transport system, get the free The Underground Railroad Pdf from our site to enjoy some great reading moments.

The Underground Railroad Review:

The Underground Railroad is Colson Whitehead’s sixth novel, however, the author doesn’t seem to lose any of his charm and charisma and does an even better job at storytelling this time. The novel is the story of two slaves who finally make a bid for their freedom from their Georgia Plantations leading to an unforgettable series of events for them.

The story in the book is being told mostly from Cora’s perspective. Some chapters in the book are also about her mother, her fellow slave Caesar, and a slave catcher Ridgeway. As we have already mentioned, Cora is a slave on a Georgia Plantation, however, starts showing a rebellious attitude after her mother Mabel runs off and leaves her on the farm.

However, the later chapters in the story uncover the truth that Mabel did come back to get Cora but fails and dies after getting bitten by a snake. Later in the story, Cora also tries to run with her fellow slave Caesar through the underground railroad system. After their departure, the slavecatcher begins a hunt to catch them leading to interesting events that you’ll be reading about.

The Underground Railroad won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and also the National Book Award for Fiction in 2016.

About the Author Colson Whitehead:

Colson Whitehead is an American author who has written seven novels and has won many book awards including the National Book Award for Fiction and the Pulitzer Award as well.

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