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The Way of Shadows Pdf
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The Way of Shadows is a novel written by Brent Weeks. It was published in October 2008. The story in this novel is science fiction and fantasy. This story takes place in Cenaria City, the capital of the Kingdom. The story is based on the Sa’kage lords of the shadows, who control the underworld of the city carrying out murders and robberies. You guys can download The Way of Shadows Pdf at the end of this review.

The Way of Shadows Review:

The story of The Way of Shadows revolves around an orphan named Azoth. He, alongside his friends Jarl and Doll Girl, earns his living through stealing. They do that to pay their rent and buy food. If they fail to pay their dues on time, they are at the risk of getting raped and beaten by Rat, a cruel enforcer of the Black Dragon Guild.

The major events in the story kick-off when Azoth overhears an assassination. He finds out that Durzo Blint was behind these murders, however, Durzo catches him right after that. He threatens Azoth to not tell anybody about these murders otherwise, he will pay for this mistake. Azoth’s friend Jarl advises him to undergo Durzo’s apprenticeship to learn the way of the Assassins.

Will Azoth learn Durzo’s way and become an Assassins as Jarl wants him to be? To read the rest of the story, download The Way of Shadows Pdf e-book from our site. The book has received a mixed reception among readers. While some praised its storytelling and characters, others disliked the book for not bringing any new and innovating.

On Goodreads, The Way of Shadows has an excellent rating of 4.13 out of 5.00. It was also one of the finalists in David Gemmell’s Legend Award.

The Way of Shadows Pdf

About the Author Brent Weeks:

Brent Weeks is an American fantasy writer. He debuted with The Way of Shadows which was a bestseller in the New York Times in April 2009. Weeks was born in Whitefish Montana on March 7, 1977. He has completed two series, the Night Angel trilogy, and the Light Bringer.

The Way of Shadows Pdf Features:

  • This novel has a great story of an orphan who wants to become a warrior.
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