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Three Dark Crowns Pdf
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Most fantasy stories feature the traditional crown takeover process where the eldest heir always benefits from it. However, the author Kendare Blake brings a different story on the Island of Fennbirn where each heir has to fight to take the crown. Such is the story of Three Dark Crowns, a brilliant young adult fiction story. Download the Three Dark Crowns Pdf e-book at the end of this review for free.

Three Dark Crowns Review:

The story of Three Dark Crowns is set on a fictional island of Fennbirn. It revolves around three royal sisters who are born with great magical powers. However, to prove themselves as the rightful heir to the throne, they have to compete with each other. Katharine possesses the magic to ingest poison and is not affected by it at all. Mirabella can summon hungry flames and Arsinoe can bloom roses and can control fierce lions.

However, in this world, you do not deserve the throne simply because you were born with the royal blood in your veins. Instead, the sisters are required to go through a series of trials and beat the others to be worthy of the title. So when the sisters turn sixteen and want to become the Queen, it is time for the games to begin. The time of battle and harshest events where they will need the best of their abilities and wits.

The premise is nasty, however, the rest of the story feels a bit slow and quiet. The first three quarters are just boring. They needed a shot of excitement. Most of the book consists of the girls honing their skills in their private locations and having flirtations with their love interests. However, it doesn’t mean that the book is not for everyone.

Three Dark Crowns could be a fun experience if you are into these young adult fantasy stories. To get the book, download the Three Dark Crowns Pdf e-book from our site. It has a pretty nice Goodreads user score of 3.81 out of 5.00.

Three Dark Crowns Pdf

About the Author Kendare Blake:

Kendare Blake is a South Korean author of young adult fiction and fantasy genres. She is a contemporary author most known for writing Three Dark Crowns, Anna Dressed in Blood, and One Dark Throne. Antigoddess is another of her impressive young adult fiction books that you will love.

Three Dark Crowns Pdf Features:

  • An enchanting story that revolves around magic, fantasy, and the quest for power.
  • You can get the Three Dark Crowns Pdf e-book with high-quality fonts on our site.
  • Three Dark Crowns has an impressive Goodreads rating of 3.81 out of 5.00.

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