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Tiger's Curse Pdf
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One of the reasons all of our heroes in fantasy and young adult stories achieved their destinies is because they sacrificed everything. Kelsey Hayes in Colleen Houck’s Tiger’s Curse is one of those heroes who sacrificed her passion, fate, and loyalty to achieve her destiny. Before you get into the details, download the Tiger’s Curse Pdf of the book. Also, read the following brief review to know more about it.

Tiger's Curse Pdf

Tiger’s Curse Review:

Tiger’s Curse was about to turn into an epic series and we had every bit of belief about it on the first read. Later, it succeeded like it deserved and ended up becoming one of the most impressive YA trilogies. So, Tiger’s Curse brings us the story of Kelsey Hayes and the strange events that happen to her during the summer. While she is planning to enjoy, she couldn’t have possibly thought otherwise.

This young adult novel brings a gripping tale where our protagonist has to fight a long-lost battle and convert it into a victory. It is a tale of this brave warrior teaming up with someone across the world to get rid of the weird Indian curse. While doing so, this team of two will be traveling through strange realms with magic and dark forces to finally win this battle against darkness.

Tiger’s Curse is one of those books that you can’t stop reading. Even when you are done with the book, you crave and yearn for more. Fortunately, the author converted this into a series continuing the adventures of Kelsey Hayes and Ren. You can expect a spellbinding ride while reading this book through the mystical realms never discovered before.

To read the complete story of the book, download the free Tiger’s Curse Pdf e-book from our site. On Goodreads, Tiger’s Curse has a user score of 4.06 out of 5 which is impressive.

About the Author Colleen Houch:

Colleen Houck is an American author of young adult novels most known for writing the Tiger’s Curse series. Other books in her series are known as Tiger’s Voyage, Tiger’s Quest, and Tiger’s Destiny, etc. With this series, she has established herself as one of the leading young adult authors.

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