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Vampire Academy Pdf
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Vampire Academy is book 1 of the Vampire Academy series. Richelle Mead has written this classic young-adult fiction series as her gift to the readers of the 21st century. Being one of the most beloved YA novel series is now a big media franchise with a movie adaptation as well. To download and read Vampire Academy Pdf, see through the end of this review.

Vampire Academy Review:

Vampire Academy’s story revolves around Rose Hathaway. Rose is a Dhampir; these are creatures born of a human and a vampire. Her quest begins when she has to train to become a guardian for her friend Lissa. Lissa is a Moroi; these are vampires or ghost-like creatures in Romanian Folklore. This leads to an intriguing story with so much complexity that the film adaptation just couldn’t portray well.

The societal structure in the book is portrayed like our real world. However, being an urban-fantasy book series, it has vampires, dhampirs, Moroi, and other mortal humans. Also, both among vampires and humans, there are good and bad ones. Anyway, when you are reading this book series, there are multiple layers to the society that will keep you engaged.

Vampire Academy also got adapted for a fantasy film of the same name. It was a commercial success, however, it failed to impress the critics. As compared to that, the book series is both a commercial and critical success, receiving positive reviews. Download Vampire Academy Pdf e-book at the end to read the complete story.

Vampire Academy Pdf

About the Author Richelle Mead:

Richelle Mead is one of the most successful American fantasy authors. She is known for writing the Vampire Academy, Dark Swan, and Bloodlines series. Many of her books became New York Times Bestsellers and received many nominations in the young-adult category.

Vampire Academy Pdf Features:

  • Vampire Academy is one of the bestselling fantasy series of the century.
  • This is a critically acclaimed novel that also got adapted for a film.
  • Vampire Academy Pdf comes with high-quality fonts and 332 pages.

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