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Vicious Pdf
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Most fantasy stories have elements like superpowers, overpowered heroes, rivalry, and high-intensity climaxes. However, some very authors pull these elements masterfully. V. E. Schwab is one of those legendary authors. Today, we are bringing the first book from his Villains series, Vicious. In this article, you will get an overview of the book. Also, you can get the free Vicious Pdf e-book at the end.

Vicious Review:

The story of Vicious revolves around two college friends Victor and Eli. They have quite a good friendship scene going on until they learn how to gain super abilities. Both of these guys have equally high ambition and this desire for power leads them to become archrivals. While everything is fine in the earlier years, a final year project around adrenaline and near-death experiences leads them to this point.

While they are doing a series of experiments in college, something terrible happens. Even though they are both responsible, Victor gets blamed for it and ends up in prison. He gets released from prison after serving a 10-year sentence. However, he has not forgotten about what happened all those years ago so he is determined to find his friend-turned-foe.

Meanwhile, Eli is on a mission to eradicate every other super-powered person that he can find. However, aside from his sidekick, an enigmatic woman with an unbreakable will. Armed with terrible power on both sides, driven by the memory of betrayal and loss, the archnemeses have set a course for revenge. But, who will be left alive at the end?

E. Schwab’s Vicious is a brilliant fantasy book that masterfully combines elements of power, desire, and ambition in one powerful story. If you want to read the complete story, download the Vicious Pdf e-book for a free read. The book is quite popular among the fans, receiving a Goodreads user score of 4.20 out of 5.00.

Vicious Pdf

About the Author Victoria Schwab:

Victoria Schwab is an American novelist. She is known for writing famous young adult fantasy series including Vicious, the Shades of Magic, and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. She has also written a few other books, however, they weren’t as successful as the ones we mentioned. Victoria Schwab is one of the New York Times bestselling authors.

Vicious Pdf Features:

  • We are bringing a free copy of the Vicious Pdf e-book with high-quality fonts.
  • A story of two friends who end up becoming archrivals due to some tragic events.
  • One of the best fantasy novels of the 21st century with a 4.20 Goodreads user score.

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