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Written by Shakespeare

West is guilty of a terrifying history of human slavery that they imposed on Black People, and even though it got abolished long ago, the signs and stories are still here. Washington Black is a novel by Esi Edugyan that brings another of those stories of a slave and his adventure in the pursuit of freedom. If you look forward to reading the book, get the free Washington Black Pdf at the end of this review.

Washington Black Pdf Review:

Washington Black is a bildungsroman of an African-American slave Washington Black telling the story of his life from childhood to adulthood and his pursuit of freedom. The book starts by telling the story of 11-year old Washington Black who has known no other place other than a sugar plantation where he was born and has been working here ever since.

Christopher Wilde, Wash’s master’s brother, chooses him as his manservant. While Washington Black is picturing a horrific life that might come his way due to this new role, life turns out to be a bit different from what he expected. It is because Wilde is a curious man who takes Wash to a different world quite unlike the world he has been living all his life.

It is Washington Black’s incredible storytelling that earned the book Giller Prize. The book was also shortlisted for Rogers Writers Trust Fiction and Booker Prize. The book was praised for its unique point of view that makes the book different from other fiction and non-fiction books based on African-American slavery. Washington Black holds a user score of 4 out of 5 on Goodreads.

About the Author Esi Edugyan:

Esi Edugyan is a Canadian author who is the recipient of the Giller Prize twice in her writing career. She won it for Washington Black and Half-Blood Blues.

Washington Black Pdf Features:

  • Washington Black tells a brilliant story of a slave’s fight for freedom and the adventures that follow
  • Washington Black Pdf is available for free download on Your Pdfs in easy-to-read fonts

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