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When Breath Becomes Air Pdf
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We can find a lot of inspiration from people who have fought cancer, and the story of Dr. Paul Kalinithi is one of those. Dr. Paul Kalinithi was an American Neurosurgeon who died of lung cancer; however, he left many memories, including the masterpiece book When Breath Becomes Air. Click the link at the end of this review to download When Breath Becomes Air Pdf for free.

When Breath Becomes Air Review:

The publisher Random House published When ‘Breath Becomes Air’ posthumously after Paul Kalinithi’s death in 2016. The book is an autobiographical memoir written by Dr. Paul Kalinithi while fighting metastatic lung cancer. The book is inspiring and rejuvenating, coming from the real-life story of an inspiring man who left a mark that the field of medical sciences will never forget.

The author starts explaining when he suddenly experiences sudden physical changes, including weight loss and severe chest pains due to increasing cancer complications. However, the physician tells him that these are only symptoms due to some work overload and aging. While trying to move on with this everyday life, his symptoms worsen, and the relationship with his wife.

This book also gives us insight into the early life of Dr. Paul Kalinithi, who is a practicing doctor and has made notable contributions to the field of medicine. Though published post-humously, the book became an essential part of the field of medical sciences. The book became one of the best sellers and is among the very few books that got a perfect score from many publications.

When Breath Becomes Air Pdf

About the Author Dr. Paul Kalinithi:

Dr. Paul Kalinithi was an American writer and neurosurgeon who became known for his book When Breath Becomes Air, published post-humously by Random House.

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