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All the Bright Places Pdf
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Of all the young-adult fiction novels we have discussed here, All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is a special one. It is because the novel is based on the writer’s life even though it uses many fictional characters that are equally interesting. It gained much popularity that Netflix adapter it for a film of the same name in 2020. If you want to read the book, download All the Bright Places Pdf at the end of this review.

All the Bright Places Pdf Review:

We have all heard stories where teenagers want to escape from their difficult lives. Well, All the Bright Places also brings us the story of two teenagers who decide to escape from their hometown of Indiana. However, little did both Violet Markley and Theodore Finch knew what awaits them out there in the world. They are both unique in their regard where Violet is a popular girl with a survivor’s remorse.

On the other hand, Theodore is a boy who stays obsessed with death and it is due to this weird thing, he is called a freak by most students in school. What’s special about the book is the moment when these two people meet. It is when they are both sick of their lives and reaches the bell tower in school. They are both planning to jump off the ledge and end their lives but fate has other plans for them.

As for Finch, he suffers from depression and experiences near-constant thoughts of suicide during his so-called “Awake” periods. Finch’s family does not understand his depression, making him feel isolated. Morbidly, he writes out fun facts about other people’s suicides on his computer as well as methods of suicide and the best way to go.

All the Bright Places brings us a depressing yet meaningful story that uncovers many truths about the current world we are living in. The book has a Goodreads user score of 4.15 and is one of the favorite books of this generation.

All the Bright Places Pdf

About the Author Jennifer Niven:

Jennifer Niven is an American author and novelist. She is an Emmy winner and one of the New York Times bestselling authors. She is the author of ten books with a unique record of having her books translated into 75 different languages.

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