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The Three Musketeers Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The stories of ancient times are fascinating. People love to read the topics of royal matters. Some people are curious to read about the lifestyle of kings and queens. The Three Musketeers is the right book for them. The story about the bravery of three French who become musketeers from an ordinary citizen of France. It is the story about the disloyalty and political entrapment by one of the closest of the king. To read the complete story, you can download The Three Musketeers Pdf.

The writer has done his job skillfully in defining the roles of each character in the story. The story teaches us a lesson that sometimes our closest person can deceive us. The author also conveys that nature also sends someone as our guardian to protect us from evil’s attack. The writer of this is the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas.

The Three Musketeers Pdf Review:

Dumas has sketched the old French time through his writing. The story revolves around the three ordinary friends who become the Musketeers of the King. In the present time, we call the Musketeers the special guards for the Ruler.

The story begins when D’Artagnan comes to meet the captain of the king’s musketeer force at his house. There he meets the three protagonist characters who will become the three musketeers Amos, Porthos, and Amias. They all become friends.

The main characters show their desire to join the musketeer force. For this purpose, they challenge D’Artagnan for a battle one by one. But they have to fight with the close guards of the kings, before their duel. The musketeers win the battle.

The king hears about their bravery and fighting skills, and he appoints D’Artagnan in the squad of his guards. One of the guards tries to trap the king by giving birth to a clash between the king and the queen. He tries to implement his plan about demolishing King’s trust in the queen. He plans to bring the scandal of the queen with the duke of Birmingham.

He takes some steps to implement his plan, but he fails. It will be unfair if we give you more clues and hints about the remaining story. So, you have to read the book by yourself. You can download The Three Musketeers pdf to enjoy the suspense.

About the Author Alexandre Dumas:

Alexandre Dumas was an old French story writer and novelist. He wrote most of his stories on French History. His famous work includes The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, and many others. He wrote around 1200 books in his whole life.

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  • You will grab the concept of political entrapment, disloyalty, betrayal, bravery by reading this book.

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