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C Programming Language pdf
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It is most important aspect before reading any book that you check out the author of the book and his expertise. The C programming language is a book that is composed by two authors. Both most eminent and champions in their respective fields. They are Brian Wilson Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. Brian is one of the developers of UNIX. He was a Canadian computer scientist. He also authored several UNIX programs. He was coauthor of AMPL and AWK programming languages. On the other hand the real author to whom the credit for designing this book goes is Dennis Ritchie. He is also a prominent computer scientist. HE completed his Ph.D. thesis in Harvard. He is also a developer of UNIX operating system. Proficiency of both the authors is much vibrant from the material of the book.

C Programming Language pdf

Review of The C Programming Language pdf:

The C programming language is a book written not only for beginners but it can be also helpful for experts. It is published by ANSI. C language is quite easy and essential for electrical engineers, software engineers, IT specialists, computer engineers. This book categorizes the material of C language bit by bit. It gives a brief intro about C basics like variables, arithmetic expressions, loops, constants, i/o methods, header files, arrays, functions, elements of function (Argument; call by value and call by reference), char array, variable’s scope, data types, switch statements, and much more you can find in the book, The C programming language.

The best mechanism of the book is that it presents the code of any program and then defines each and every line of code. For instance, if while loop is used somewhere in program then it also tell that how the statement is controlled by while loop and what is the purpose of this loop. The description is quite easy and illustration is coherent. Taking from intro, data types, operators, expressions, control flow, functions, program structure, pointers arrays, structures, input and output format, C libraries, to UNIX OS interfacing which was a the expertise of the authors, each and every topic is covered in a lucid manner. To get your hands on C and getting dominance in the C language you must by this book. You can use it whether for startup learning or take book it as a reference book, it can be use either of the way described.

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