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Cujo PDF
Written by Shakespeare

There are many horror books available in the market but there are very fewer books with this level of amazingness. Cujo is one of the best horror books available. This book is basically a psychological horror novel. The thing which makes it very much better from all the other horror books is its author. The author we are talking about is one of the best writers in the history. And known as Stephen King. The story in this book is all about a rabid dog. It all takes place in a small town from the imagination of the author known as Castle Rock, Maine. There are two little families in the town. And the novel rotates around them. One of the families is recently moved from the New York to the Castle Rock.

Cujo is basically the name of the dog in the book. The owners of the dog are known as “Cambers”. There comes a bad day for the dog Cujo when it was chasing a wild and very big rabbit. During the chase, rabbit goes to a cave and the dog keeps following it. Then in the cave, a rabid bat bites the dog and the story starts turning is a very horror story.

Cujo PDF

About Author Stephen Edwin King:

Stephen Edwin King is one of the best writers in the history of book writing. There is a number of genres in which he is known as the best. From the suspense to the fiction and the fantasy. He did a great job in all these genres.

Features of Cujo PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United Kingdom is the publication place of this book.
  • Viking Press are the publishers of the book.
  • The publication date of the book is 8 September 1981.
  • There are 309 pages of the book.

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