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The Twits PDF
Written by Shakespeare

If you are looking for some great books for your children then this book is surely a must read book. This book is very carefully written for the children. And this book is very easy to understand for them as well. And the humor in this book is on another level. The author of “The Twits” is a very well known author and he stands in a very good position among all the writers. The story in the book is about a couple. This couple lives in a house having no windows. And this same couple is very much keen in the practical jokes as well. They also have a family of the monkeys which are their pets. The name of this monkey’s family is the Muggle-Wumps. They both are basically retired circus trainers.

If we talk about the Mr. Twit, He is a totally weird person. And he is having long hairs covering his entire face, leaving the eyes and the nose. And his wife Mrs. Twit is a very ugly woman. She is having a glass eye as well. Which she uses to take the revenge from her husband.

The Twits PDF

About Author Roald Dahl:

Author of The Twits is a British novelist. Not just the novelist but he was a short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and a fighter pilot. He is very well known for the horror, fantasy, mystery, literature, adult’s genres writing. And he did a really great job while writing the children content as well.

Features of The Twits PDF:

  • The illustrator and the cover artist of this book is Quentin Blake.
  • English is the original language of this book.
  • The United Kingdom is the country of its release.
  • This book is a children’s novel.
  • There are 270 pages of this book.
  • Publication year of the book is 1980.

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