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Anne of Green Gables pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Anne of Green Gables is written by Canadian author L. M. Montgomery and published in 1908. Here is a short review, summary and features of Anne of Green Gables pdf.

Anne of Green Gables pdf

Anne of Green Gables pdf Review:

Anne of Green Gables is story of a girl who is sent to Cuthbert siblings by mistake. The novel explores the life of Anne. It met with a great readership among young readers and brought Montgomery to fame. Various sequels on life of Anne followed this novel. A prequel was also published posthumously after Montgomery’s death. The book has sold more than 50 million copies and is also widely read at school and college level as a part of curriculum. Many movies, dramas and songs are also based on this novel.

About Author L. M. Montgomery:

Lucy Maud Montgomery penname L. M. Montgomery was a Canadian author. He is most famous for her Anne novel series which started with Anne of Green Gables. She also received Order of the British Empire award.

Anne of Green Gables Summary pdf:

The novel is based in the fictional community in Prince Edward Island. Anne Shirley, a young orphan, is sent to the house of siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert by mistake, after spending some time in orphanages. The Curthbert siblings actually ask for a boy to help Matthew with his farming but the orphanage sends Anne by mistake. So the Cuthberts adopt her and the rest of the novel follows Anne growing up to her adulthood.

Features of Anne of Green Gables pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Anne of Green Gables is the first novel from famous Anne series.
  • One of the classics of English literature read throughout the world.
  • Also base of various movies, TV shows, dramas and songs in popular culture.

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