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The Clan of the Cave Bear PDF
Written by Shakespeare

This book is a very amazing and interesting book for the history lovers. The book deals with the prehistoric times. As the title of the book, “The Clan of the Cave Bear” says that it is about the times when human used to live in the caves. This novel takes you back to the 18,000 years before today’s date. The story of the novel starts when a little girl whose age is almost 5 years. She is a part of the Cro-Magnon. A tragedy happens and she loses her parents and all the things she had due to a massive earthquake. This earthquake not just destroys her family but her family’s camp etc as well. She is now completely stranded.

Not just this but she doesn’t have any food to eat and no place to hide or live. She had nothing to do with her life, not just this but she had nothing to wear on her naked body as well. Not just all these things but she is badly injured and her wounds are hurting very badly. If we say that she is in the mouth of the death then it will not be wrong.

The Clan of the Cave Bear PDF

About Author

The author of The Clan of the Cave Bear is a Finnish-American writer. She has known for her novels work. Her work is considered as worth to read and the proof of her awesome work is that more than 45 million copies of her books have been sold till now.

Features of The Clan of the Cave Bear PDF:

  • The language of the book is English.
  • First publication place is America.
  • This book is the part of a series known as Earth’s Children.
  • The book contains 468 pages.
  • Publication date is 4th May 1980.
  • In the year 1986, a film was made on the story of this book.

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