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Accounting is an essential element of businesses whether it is on small scale or large scale business. In the language of accounting business and owner are two separate entities. The assets and liabilities of business are separate from that of the assets and liabilities of the owner. The financial transactions such as acquiring of assets, income by sales, depreciation of assets of business etc  should be recorded properly to get a true picture of the business. Without accounting you cannot possibly run a successful business.

About The Author Donald E. Kieso:

the book is written by three well known authors. Donald E. Kieso CPA, Weygandt Ph.D, and Terry D. Warfield CPA.

Intermediate Accounting Pdf


Features Intermediate Accounting Pdf:

  • The book was released in May 2016.
  • There are 16 editions of this book.
  • There are 32 titles in the book which covers all the essential topics and principles of accounting for a practical course of business.
  • Unlike the other books the figures in this book are colorful which makes it more interesting to read and study.
  • The book covers all essential topics so it can be used by all students whether they are doing batchelor or master.


In this book the aim of the author was not that the students will learn the topics of accounting but to clear their concept on each and every topic and method of the course. This book is the best book to understand the tools and skills needed to clear the concept of GAAP and how GAAP is applied and used in every day use of business. The book also introduces a modern way how to use the principles and methods of GAAP. This book is mainly on accounting and finance and shows the methods of how to solve a problem step by step and how to take essential decisions.

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