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Red Dragon PDF
Written by Shakespeare

IF you are looking for a very good book on the topic of crime then there is no better option for you other than this book. The book we are talking about is known as one of the best books on the topic of the horror and the crime. Red Dragon is more like a case and a story. This book is a part of the series of books. The name of the series is “Hannibal Lecter”. And if you know about the one and the only Hannibal Lecter then you are absolutely going to love the book. If you are not then you are strongly recommended to read the novels based on this character. The book is basically about a serial killer whose nickname is “The Tooth Fairy”.

The person we are talking about in the book is more likely a psychopath. And he is murdering the families. Not just the one or two of them but their complete families. The story starts with a profiler of the FBI

About Author Thomas Harris:

The writer of “Red Dragon” is Thomas Harris. Which is also known as one of the best horror books writers. He is an American writer. Among all his works, the suspense writings and books are the ones which are the reasons for the popularity of the writer. There are some great movies which are based on his novels as well.

Red Dragon PDF

Features of Red Dragon PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • “Hannibal Lecter” is the main series. And this book is a part of this series.
  • This book is Crime, horror, thriller, and psychological horror type book.
  • G. P. Putnams, and Dell Publishing are the publishers of this book.
  • The publication date of the book is October 1981.
  • There are 480 pages of this book.

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