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Possession (Novel) PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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Possession (Novel) Review:

A great novel Possession: A Romance won a booker prize in 1990 is written by A.S. Byatt. This novel discusses the concerns related to the post-modern era which fell into categories of historiographic metafiction. It is a combination of metafiction and historical fiction. The novel follows modern-day research methodologies as they do a paper trail of a love of famous fictional poets Randolph Henry ash and Christabel LaMotte. Possession discusses both the present era and era of queen Victoria, presenting the differences between the two time periods as well as the similarities and criticizing the modern-day group of concerns who are linked with the research, education, and scholarship. The methodology of the novel includes many styles, including diary entries, poetry, letters, and other means to explore concerns regarding postmodern time.

Possession is the story of two young scholars researching the lives of famous poets who happened to have a romantic affair in disguise. During their research, they found out poems, journal their letters regarding their affair so they track their movements from place to place starting from London and ending in Yorkshire and comes out is a marvelous counterpoint of ideas and passion. There was a film which featured this novel by the same name in 2002, and a radio play from 2011 to 2012 on BBC Radio 4. The list of 100 best English Novels from 1923 to 2005 by time magazine included this novel and a BBC survey The big read in 2003 listed this novel as well.

Possession (Novel) PDF

About Author A. S. Byatt:

Dame Antonia Susan Duffy was born in Sheffield is an awardee of the most excellent order of British empire and a fellow of the British Academy is a booker prize winner and an English novelist. In 2008, a newspaper by the name of The Times named her to be the greatest British writer since 1945.

Features of Possession (Novel) pdf:

  • There are 511 pages in this book.
  • 1990 is the original publication year of the book.

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