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Sweetbitter Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

When put through the right thought process, our real-life experiences have stories that can turn into some of the best books ever written. The story of Sweetbitter is one of those where author Stephanie Danler’s personal life experiences as a waitress made her write this catching and anticipated story. If you wish to read the book on our site, download Sweetbitter Pdf right now at the end of this review.

Sweetbitter Pdf Review:

While we all go to restaurants and communicate with smiling waiters and waitresses who appear to be so happy, they are humans like us with their unique stories. Sweetbitter brings us the story of 22-year-old Tess who finds herself a job as a waitress in a famous Manhattan restaurant. However, a story that starts peacefully; soon turns into a chaotic mess where Tess becomes a part of a life of drinking, drugs, love, and lust.

Tess is new in New York, Manhattan, and even though she succeeds in finding a nice job as a waitress and starts life; it all changes soon. Like every person in his/her youth, she starts craving for more knowledge, belonging, and experience. However, her life becomes a mess when she finds herself in a never-ending and messy love triangle; turning her life into one with drugs, drinking, and lust.

If you are someone who likes reading coming-of-age novels then Sweetbitter is one of our top recommendations. Sweetbitter is one of the bestselling novels of the year and even before its release; it was one of the most talked-about novels. The American TV network Starz adapted the book for a TV series which received mixed reviews though.

Upon its release, Sweetbitter ranked at 32 among the list of bestselling novels in the United States. The novel got nominated for multiple awards in the non-fiction genre. You can get the Sweetbitter pdf e-book for our website and have your share of the fun with it.

Sweetbitter Pdf

About the Author Stephanie Danler:

Stephanie Danler is an American author who is known for her successful debut with Sweetbitter, which is a novel about 22-year-old Tess and a coming-of-age story. Due to her debut, she became one of the New York Times Bestsellers in 2016.

Sweetbitter Pdf Features:

  • Sweetbitter is a coming-of-age story about a waitress in Manhattan, New York
  • Read a story of love, lust, drinking, drugs, and a young girl falling into this world

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