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Sometimes I Lie Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Some people are fed up with their life. They are unable to find the reason for their existence. It leads to psychological issues in them. For such people, life is a riddle and mystery. These people spend most of their time finding that question. Do you want to read a book based on the genre of mystery and thrill? Then you can download the Sometimes I Lie Pdf written by Alice Feeney from the website.

Sometimes I Lie Review:

Alice Feeney raised the issue of the mental torture of a domestic woman by his husband. It is a serious issue that needs attention. She wonderfully filled her story with the colors of suspense and fantasy. The fictional story begins when the protagonist character, Amber Reynolds, describes her condition.

She is in the hospital with a paralyzed body, but she can hear the voices. Her motor control on her body is zero. She is unable to memorize how she came up with the accident that brings her to the hospital. She doubts her husband, who does not love her.

She can only remind the week before her accident and the series of childhood diaries of twenty years ago. There are thrill and suspense in the novel in finding the culprit of the accident. There is also a fantasizing question in the story that if the lie remains a lie if we believe it the truth?

We are not going to spoil the remaining suspense of the story. You have to read the story by yourself. The novel has a rating of 3.87 stars out of 5. This novel has received the literary award of Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Mystery and Thriller in 2018. You can download the pdf book from the website.

Sometimes I Lie Pdf

About the Author Alice Feeney:

Alice Feeney is a British novelist who loves to write on the topics of Mystery and Thrill. She did a long-term job for 15-16 years in BBC as a journalist. Feeney also did the job of producer, reporter, and news editor. Her first novel was Sometimes I Lie, which she wrote at the age of 30 years. She has a great fan following worldwide.

Features of Sometimes I Lie Pdf:

  • Sometimes I Lie arrived in the market on 23rd March in 2017.
  • The book has 387 black and white pages.
  • It has easy to read font size.

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