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The Lost World Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Science fiction is a hot topic for most of the writer in the world. It is the imagination of the writer that recreates interest and fascination in the reader’s mind. Arthur Conan Doyle has done the same thing by using his idea. He jotted down a story of break up between two lovers and gave it a twist of science fiction. If you love science fiction stories, then you can download The Lost World Pdf.

The Lost World Pdf Review:

The story begins when the writer describes the time of 1907 in London. Two lovers love insanely to each other. The man is a journalist by profession, and his name is Edward Malone. He loves the woman more than his life. But the woman does not love him. She thinks that he is a lifeless person who does not have time for her. This thing leads to the break up between the two love birds, and they both separate.

The separation hurts Edward deeply, and he tries to bring some changes in his nature and wants to make himself creational and imaginative. He thinks if he can change his personality, then his loved one may come back for him. Meanwhile, he finds a professor whose name is George Challenger.

He is a scientist by profession. The scientist brings the fictional part of the story. The professor talks about the discovery of a world of large size reptiles. He claims in front of Edward that he has found the lost world. The story has a lot of twist in it, and we don’t want to spoil it.

The writer delivers a message that the break up hurts. A person with a broken heart can do anything to prove himself worthy in front of his loved one. And sometimes the results are very dangerous while proving yourself worthy.

The story is all about adventure, science fiction, twists, and turns. If you love science fiction stories, then you can download “The Lost World Pdf”. The book will give you a tour of the lost world in your imaginative world.

You have to read the story on your own. So, download the book and grab the thrilling idea of “the lost world”. The book has a rating of 4 stars out of 5

About the Writer Arthur Conan Doyle:

A.C Doyle was a fictional novel writer and physician. He introduced many fictional characters which include “Sherlock Holmes” and “Dr. Challenger”. He wrote science fiction stories as well as crime fiction stories.

Features of The Lost World Pdf:

  • The book has easy to read font size.
  • You can easily download the book.
  • The book gives you the concept of the fictional world of large reptiles.
  • You will also feel how much it hurts in love.

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