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Treasure Island Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

We all dug out the house’s lawn to find the chest filled with gold. We had a fake map for treasure hunting. Some of our friends tried to find the treasure before us. Treasure hunting always fantasized about children. So, Robert Louis Stevenson has written a story for kids to give them a trailer about hunting the gold. You can download Treasure Island Pdf for your child.

It is not a piece of cake to hunt the gold.  You have life risk while facing the bad opposition of pirates. The group is in search of the gold before the boy finds it. It is the story of bravery, suspense, treasure hunting, intelligence, and a clash between good and bad people. The author has sprinkled these spices in the story to enhance the interest of the reader in the story.

Treasure Island Pdf Review:

Robert Louis Stevenson has shown his skills in writing a tale for the kids. The journey begins when a young boy finds out the map, where lies a truck filled with gold and gems. He leaves towards the island in seeking of that truck. He shakes his hand with a crew of a ship. The crew members are noble souls and want to help the boy.

When they start their voyage, they have to face difficulty during their journey. The pirates follow them, and they are also in search of that trunk. But the boy owns the map so, they try to snatch it from him. Thus, a sea battle occurs between the good and the evil. And we are not willing to give you any further spoilers. So, you have to download the story and have to read it by yourself. Recite the adventurous tale for your children.

Treasure Island Pdf

About the author Robert Louis Stevenson:

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish travel writer and story writer. He wrote numerous books on voyage and treasure hunting. His famous writings include Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Features of Treasure Island Pdf:

  • The book has easy to read fonts.
  • You can easily download the book.
  • You can visualize the voyage in your mind.
  • You can feel the adventure in hunting treasure after reading the book.

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