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The Running Man PDF
Written by Shakespeare

If we talk about the science fiction books then there is a name which always comes. The Running Man is one of the top books of this type. The story in this book is basically about a protagonist person. The name of the naim character of the book is Ben Richards. The story is about the game in which he participates. As the name of the book says The Running Man is indeed a very good title and perfectly matches the content of the book. The participants of the game are allowed to run across all around the world. And there are some killers behind them. The purpose of the killers is to terminate the participants. The book is very different and unique book in its own way. The story and the concept of the book are totally unique as well.

There is an awesome movie based on the book. The name of the movie is same as of the book. Not just this but the movie is a perfect adoption and presentation of the book. If you are going to read the book then it is strongly recommended to watch the movie as well. Because it is just going to help you in understanding the book.

The Running Man PDF

About Author Stephen King:

As we all know about the Stephen King. He is one of the greatest writers of all the time. There are many fields in which he is the best writer in the whole world. In this book, he tells his name as “Richard Bachman”. There is a huge list of the awards given to the same author we are talking about. This proves that his work is very interesting and decent work.

Features of The Running Man PDF:

  • English is the original language of this book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • “Signet Books” are the publishers of this book.
  • There are 317 pages of this book.
  • The publication date of the book is May 1982.

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