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We Were Liars Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Some people are interested in reading fictional novels that give rise to fascinating and thrilling feelings and ends with a moral lesson. We Were Liars is one of those thrilling and fascinating fictional novels that has raised the curtain from the bitter most realities of society. It has shown up the real face of hypocrites. If you wish to read this book, download We Were Liars Pdf right now from our website.

We Were Liars Pdf Review:

The writer has written the story of a family who pretends to be a pious, peaceful, and saint family in this young-adult novel. The writer has presented the granddaughter of this family named Cadence as the main character who has three friends. Those three friends were not part of her family, but they came to see her on her island.

Those three friends were not suspicious, nor criminals but, still they were known as liars. The writer has put the spotlight on these four characters in her novel. They played their role in lifting the mask of this fraud saint family and finding the secrets of this family which was hidden under the carpet.

The writer has amazingly sprinkled the glitter of suspense in the novel and included the spice of fascination by injuring the focused character with a severe accident. And without giving you any further spoiler so that you may not lose your interest in the novel.

The engaging section of the story is not the life of the three characters, known as the Liars but also the experience of Cadence, which opened her eyes to the negative aspects like greed, discrimination, and jealousy in the world by separating the dearest persons from each other.

This novel gives goosebumps to the reader about the real face of the world. This masterpiece by E. Lockhart has received appreciation from all over the world. The book has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

We Were Liars Pdf

About the Author E. Lockhart:

Lockhart is an American writer who has written adult fiction and young adult novels and National Book Award Finalist and Printz Award, Honoree. She also has written numerous books for children.

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