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When You Reach Me Pdf
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When You Reach Me did something great. It is a science-fiction and mystery novel by Rebecca Stead and blending these two genres is quite rare. Also, it is not quite often that authors have done well while combining the two. This novel brings one of those rare occasions and readers have celebrated it ever since. Download When You Reach Me Pdf at the end of this review for a free read.

When You Reach Me Review:

The story of When You Reach Me revolves around a girl named Miranda Sinclair. While she is trying to live a normal life, things start to change when she receives a strange note. On that note, she is ordered to record upcoming future events. Other than that, the note tells her to write down the location of her spare key, which is of course, quite strange.

After completing these requests, Miranda would have thought that this was the end. However, after a few days, she receives three more notes. Soon, it is revealed that the story is to revolve around three major events in the story. The first being the moment when her mom appeared on a game show, Sal, her best friend, not talking to Miranda, and the $20,000 pyramid.

When You Reach Me is one of the most celebrated science fiction and mystery novels. It has a Goodreads user score of 4 out of 5. The novel is the recipient of the Newbery Medal in the science fiction category.

When You Reach Me Pdf

About the Author Rebecca Stead:

Rebecca Stead is an American author. She is known for writing science fiction and children’s books. Stead has won one of the oldest book awards Newbery Medal for her book When You Reach Me.

When You Reach Me Pdf Features:

  • When You Reach Me is a perfect blend of science fiction & mystery.
  • Having a beautiful story set in the future, the plot has some amazing characters.
  • The novel has a Goodreads user score of 4 out 5 and has sold more than a million copies.

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