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People who love reading historical novels would know Wolf Hall. It is a historical novel written by Hilary Mental. The story revolves around the life of Thomas Cromwell and is a fictional biography that generally sympathizes with the main character and his life story in the court of Henry VIII. To get the free e-book, download the Wolf Hall Pdf right now from our website and treat yourself with one of the best written historical novels ever.

Wolf Hall Review:

Wolf Half is part of a trilogy in which the first book is Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies is the second book, and the third one is The Mirror and the Light that covers the last four years in the life of the protagonist. The story has been so well-written by the author that it got ranked among the 10 best historical novels in 2012 by The Observer.

The story of the main character Thomas Cromwell could be an inspiration for many readers since he had no noble background such as a big family name or position, however, he still rose to a position of high stature as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey’s right-hand man and later found himself a place in the court of King Henry VIII.

By the Guardian and many other platforms, Wolf Hall received critical reception and praised the special talent of the author Hilary Mantel as an ‘extraordinary storyteller’. However, some other publications criticized the book’s story as something that goes on and on without any flow.

About the Author Hilary Mantel:

Known for her amazing short stories, memoirs, and historical novels, Hilary Mantel is an English author who has received awards such as the Booker Prize for the book in the discussion.

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